Looking Out For You And Your Family

All of us wish to see our loved ones cared for after we have passed away. The best way to make certain this occurs is through advanced planning.

Estate planning and probate attorney Janis M. Stanziani helps individuals and families put together the right financial strategy to preserve assets in the estate and make certain these assets go to intended beneficiaries. She provides straightforward advice and counsels families about all of their legal options.

Protecting Your Family's Future

Attorney Janis M. Stanziani routinely prepares wills, trusts, powers of attorney and other tools as a part of an estate plan. While every adult should have a last will and testament prepared, the manner in which trusts are used is dependent upon individual circumstances. A child may have special needs requiring insertion of special needs language in a trust. Specific trust language also assures distribution of money and assets in an orderly manner. Because of all your specific needs, Janis will tailor an estate plan to meet them.

When meeting with her, Janis asks you to complete an intake form and consults with you to find out all the information needed concerning the estate. She discusses with you what you would like to see happen regarding the estate and provides assurances that your wishes will be carried out.

A Lawyer Who Inspires Trust

Estate planning and probate matters concern the very personal wishes of home, property and business owners. They not only involve the bequeathing or transference of your belongings to others, but make certain that assets from the estate are not lost due to taxation and expense.

Attorney Janis Stanziani provides you the confidence that there will be correct handling regarding matters of your estate. Her attention to detail prevents mistakes from occurring.

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