Helping You With Your Elder Law Concerns

Stanziani Law Offices provides a wide variety of legal services for the elderly via the practice of elder law. Attorney Janis M. Stanziani enjoys working with elderly people and making certain their affairs are in order. She has a very detailed knowledge of the financial issues they face.

The Types Of Issues Elderly People Face

Elderly people have worked all their lives building up savings in hopes of retiring comfortably. Unfortunately, this is extremely difficult to do, even with savings and Social Security Income, when much of their income goes toward taking care of medical issues and nursing home costs.

Attorney Janis M. Stanziani assists with Medicare and Medicaid issues. As a lawyer, she has a reputation of putting in the hard work to accommodate your needs. She understands how to release Medicaid liens placed upon property. Janis also works with nursing homes to make your options more affordable.

Setting Up Of Guardianships

Even with the number of estate planning options available, unforeseen circumstances arise making it impossible for us to make certain decisions for ourselves. The Massachusetts' courts provide options for others to make certain decisions for us when we no longer can make those decisions for ourselves.

In some instances, it's necessary to create limited guardianships where another trusted individual makes certain specific decisions for us. In the event of incapacity, appointment of guardianship provides authority to make major medical or financial decisions.

The service Janis Stanziani provides first involves determining whether a guardianship is necessary. She will review the elder person's entire circumstances and provide advice regarding the best approach. And if a guardianship is necessary, she will prepare the paperwork and take the necessary steps to set up a guardianship that best meets the elder person's needs.

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