Guiding You Through Probate And Estate Administration Issues

It is important and necessary to carry out a deceased person's wishes when it comes to distribution of assets. This is not always an easy task, however. Sometimes the last will and testament is not clear or the provisions are difficult to carry out. In other circumstances, there is no valid will, and we will have to look to the probate courts and state laws to figure out what to do next.

Attorney Janis M. Stanziani has helped clients in estate planning, probate law and estate administration matters for over 25 years. Attorney Stanziani is highly successful at settling divorces before trial while maximizing clients' financial benefits and saving trial costs. She understands the Massachusetts' probate law practice and how probate courts in Essex, Suffolk, Middlesex, Norfolk and Barnstable counties operate."

Helping Family Members Through A Stressful Time

Probate and estate administration are difficult processes requiring great attention to detail. Administrators of the estate assume such responsibilities at a particularly difficult time after the loss of a loved one. The need for a lawyer to oversee the entire process during this time is, therefore, great.

Besides understanding the probate process, Janis Stanziani understands details and does not miss deadlines. She's an experienced litigator who has successfully tried disputed probate cases in court many times in her more than 25 years of practice.

Her services in administrating an estate assure asset distribution goes smoothly. She works with all parties and follows through on every item. Because of her efficiency, clients are relieved of a great deal of worry.

How To Contact Stanziani Law Offices

Stanziani Law Offices are located in Lynnfield and represent clients throughout Boston, including Wakefield, Saugus and Salem, as well as Norfolk and Barnstable Counties. You can contact our offices by calling 781-469-0824 to set up a free initial consultation. As attorney Janis Stanziani makes herself accessible to all clients, she will return any inquiry made to her within 24 hours.