Five Things To Do If Divorce Is Inevitable

It is a major understatement to say that divorce is a difficult time for all parties involved. Even if both parties approach the process with a cooperative attitude, the situation can often turn nasty when the difficult questions of child custody, alimony, property division and other contentious issues come up.

Due to divorce's difficult reputation, a common question is whether anything can be done before the divorce to make the process go smoother. If your marriage has irretrievably broken down, and divorce is inevitable as a result, here are some tips to protect yourself and make the process more efficient.

1. Gather Your Documents

The first thing you should do when divorce is inevitable is to gather all of your financial records from the past five years. These records should include documents related to your personal and marital property, vehicles and investments, as well as your payroll and tax records. Make copies of these records and keep them in a safe place other than your own home such as a safe deposit box or with a friend.

2. Make An Inventory

After you have gathered your financial records, it is important to make an inventory of your marital assets, as property acquired during your marriage is considered to be joint property and will be divided equitably during the property division portion of your divorce. Take digital time-stamped photos of the marital assets. This way, you have proof if something goes missing.

3. Watch Your Credit

Unfortunately, during especially contentious divorces, it is common for a spouse to try to damage the other's credit. To guard against this, close out any accounts you hold jointly with your spouse. Also, periodically review your credit report for any evidence of new accounts opened in your name or suspicious debts. Report anything suspicious to your lawyer.

4. Don't Forget Your Kids

Divorce can be an especially tough time for children. As a result, it is important for you to ensure that their schooling and daily activities continue as unchanged as possible, which will help them cope with the new changes in their lives. Resist the temptation to badmouth your spouse in front of them, as doing so can put them in the awkward position of choosing sides against a parent.

5. Speak To An Attorney

Although there are do-it-yourself divorce kits out there, trying to handle your own divorce is a bad idea for most people. As this is a very emotional time when it is difficult to think clearly, it is easy to make mistakes that can permanently harm your long-term interests. Consequently, it is important to have someone on your side to protect your best interests and provide clear and concise advice throughout the process.

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