Criminal Defense

There are tremendous costs that come along with wrong decisions made when facing criminal charges. Information concerning arrests follows you for the rest of your life, and you have to live with any agreement made with county prosecutors. This is why you need knowledgeable criminal defense representation.

Attorney Janis M. Stanziani thoroughly understands Massachusetts' criminal law and its courts. Attorney Stanziani is highly successful at resolving your criminal matters and keeping you out of jail. She knows the district attorneys in counties throughout our state and understands how to reduce charges and penalties.

Unique Understanding Of Criminal Law

Massachusetts' criminal courts operate under a particular set of rules. Misperceptions about these laws result in unexpected consequences for those charged with crimes. For example, while many individuals convicted of crimes wish to have their records sealed, the benefits of sealing records is extremely limited because law enforcement officers still have access to this information.

When speaking to Janis Stanziani during your initial consultation, she analyzes your circumstances and discusses each legal option in detail. She provides straightforward advice regarding the best avenues to pursue. Janis Stanziani makes certain you completely understand the process before you make any decisions.

The Beginnings Of Stanziani Law Offices Criminal Defense Practice

Janis M. Stanziani is a second-generation criminal defense lawyer who watched her father practice when she was a child. Janis Stanziani father, Robert A. Stanziani, was a top 10 criminal defense attorney in Massachusetts and practiced law for 40 years before eventually being appointed a district court judge.

Robert Stanziani defended clients in over 200 first-degree murder cases. His rulings as a judge set precedent in Massachusetts' law during the 1980s. Janis Stanziani had many opportunities to observe him in practice during her college years, and he later mentored her in her practice after she became licensed to practice law in 1989.

Kinds Of Criminal Defense Representation The Stanziani Law Offices Provide

Attorney Janis Stanziani provides a wide variety of criminal defense representation. She represents clients charged with:

  • Felonies
  • Larceny
  • Assault and battery charges
  • OUI and drunk driving cases
  • Drug possession, manufacture and distribution
  • Vandalism and destruction of property
  • Marijuana Licensing
  • Homicide Defense
  • Federal Crime DEA
  • ATF Defense
  • Zoning Issues

Janis Stanziani has provided criminal defense representation for over 25 years and has a reputation for being a tenacious and brilliant courtroom litigator. Under the right circumstances, she works toward reducing and/or eliminating sentences and penalties through negotiation.

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