Stanziani Law Offices, the former Law Offices of Honorable Robert A. Stanziani, has represented Boston-area clients since 1989. Robert Stanziani was a legendary criminal defense lawyer who represented clients in over 200 first-degree murder cases. During his practice, he was considered a top 10 criminal defense attorney. He later became a district court judge where he set precedent in Massachusetts' law while ruling on certain cases.

Attorney Janis M. Stanziani practiced from 1989 to 2004 with her father as lead counsel and her as assistant counsel. She took over in 2000 as the lead counsel in the firm and her father semiretired and worked part time until 2005. Janis Stanziani grew up around the law. From her father, Robert Stanziani, she learned the values of professionalism and dedication. She also learned that the mark of a good attorney is the service provided to the client. Attorney Janis Stanziani has handled high-profile cases and has a reputation for being a tenacious, competent and prepared litigator who knows her way around the Essex, Middlesex and Suffolk county courts.

Janis Stanziani understands every case is different. Her goal as a lawyer is helping all of her clients achieve results in the best interests of her client and to help them get back on their feet. The reassurance she provides clients fosters trust in her as an attorney.

Her efforts assure that probate and estate administration cases go smoothly, thus resolving any qualms her clients may have. She's extremely detail-oriented, and this allows for her to resolve elder law, wills and probate matters successfully. Attorney Janis Stanziani spends a substantial amount of time in court trying every aspect of civil, family law and criminal cases. Her negotiation skills make it possible to resolve criminal defense matters without the necessity of trial.

Attorney Janis Stanziani gives back to the community by mediating and conciliating a large number of cases for judges. Her ability to resolve matters through litigation and negotiation benefits everyone. She understands when and when not to try a case.

The Stanziani Law Offices are located in Lynnfield, Massachusetts and represents clients throughout Boston, including Wakefield, Saugus & Salem as well as Norfolk and Barnstable Counties. To arrange for a free initial consultation with Janis Stanziani, contact Stanziani Law Offices by calling 781-469-0824. All inquires will be returned within 24 hours.


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